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Find Homes for Sale In LaGrange, GA

You’re keen on living in LaGrange, Georgia? Then, you should definitely check these listings of homes for sale in LaGrange GA. LaGrange is the seat of Troup County and one of the best places to live for families and people who enjoy a laid back lifestyle.

The city of LaGrange is a delightful destination for those who love an easy-going and relaxed lifestyle. You’ll be connected with the biggest city in Georgia while still having your quietness since the town is only 70 miles away from Atlanta.

The best part of the real estate in LaGrange, GA is that it has a humid subtropical climate. The place never experiences harsh winter or scorching summer because of the moderate climate throughout the year.

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Is LaGrange a Good Place to Live?

This town is perfect for starting a family and raising kids. The town is safe and you won’t have to worry about your kids playing outside alone or walking to school by themselves. The schools are above average and most residents are satisfied with the public school system overall.

There’s always something to do around here since the community is hosting a lot of events. The businesses here are mostly family-owned and we know you’d enjoy shopping in your friends’ and neighbors’ stores.

You could be in Atlanta in an hour and to Newnan in even less.

If you'd like to stay away from the hustle-bustle of a big city and yet have easy access and convenience, then LaGrange could be an ideal city for you.

Naturally, people that own their house to live here are really set on settling in this lovely town. If you are too, our listings of houses for sale in LaGrange, Georgia will definitely help you achieve this.

When you’re browsing houses for sale in LaGrange, Georgia, know that you won’t just be purchasing a property. You’ll be creating your new life. Imagine what it would be like to live here. Walk throughout the town, meet your neighbors, check out the local activities. We’re sure you’ll love them.

We’ve tried to provide you with enough information about each property so you can make the best decision for you personally. If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Someone from our team will be there to answer all your questions and clear out any doubts you may have.

Is LaGrange a Good Place for Real Estate Investment?

Interestingly, a lot of people here don’t own their homes but rent out. So a lot of these homes for sale in LaGrange, GA can become an excellent investment opportunity. Rental income will provide financial stability and security and you won’t have to worry much about tenants since families make the best tenants.

LaGrange Real Estate offers favorable conditions of Growth in the Housing Sector. There are several reasons for this including the following:

  • Favorable conditions to build new homes
  • Growth in job opportunities nearby
  • Real estate for sale at lower prices than nearby cities because the area is less populated

The city has 5 major highways that connect to Interstate 85, which make it very easy to access. It also has 2 railway lines, a railway junction, and a regional airport. These facilities are essential in encouraging economic growth in the region.

Here’s what kind of homes you could buy in LaGrange, GA

If you’ve decided to find your new home in the quiet, peaceful city of LaGrange, GA, you’ll find plenty of accommodation solutions for you and your family, whether you’re looking for a secluded single-family home, a beautiful town home, or a modern condo.

With plenty of affordable homes available as well as luxury accommodation solutions, LaGrange truly has something for everyone.

New homes for Sale in LaGrange, GA

If you’re keen on buying a new home for sale in LaGrange, Georgia, find the latest property listings below. These homes can either be built from scratch by developers or custom-designed and built by designers and architects who work alongside homeowners to create unique dream homes with all the modern amenities you would expect.

Such new homes for sale in LaGrange, GA tend to make up the higher end of the asking price spectrum. You can expect to pay around $500k upwards for these properties.

Foreclosed Homes for Sale in LaGrange, GA

You’ll be able to find plenty of foreclosed homes for sale in LaGrange, GA. These are ideal for locking in the most convenient price on what would otherwise be a pretty high-end property for an equally high-end asking price.

You might be able to find homes for as little as $100k. These could even be in some very desirable neighborhoods!

Homes for Sale in LaGrange, GA with a basement

You’ll also be able to find plenty of homes for sale in LaGrange, GA, with a basement. These are perfect for hobbyists and families with a lot of possessions. The average price for a LaGrange home with a basement is around $175k. This asking price rises depending on the neighborhood and lot size.

Homes for Sale in LaGrange, GA with a pool

Finally, swimming enthusiasts will be able to find plenty of homes for sale in LaGrange, GA, with a pool — perfect for cooling off over those hot and humid  Georgia summer days! Average prices for homes with swimming pools tend to be a little higher, generally around $300k for new constructions.

Browse through Homes for Sale in LaGrange, GA

1104 Country Club Drive Active $1,600,000

1104 Country Club Drive

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

4 6 4,206Sq Ft.

180 Pine Tree Drive Active $850,000

180 Pine Tree Drive

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

4 5 3,936Sq Ft.

116 Windridge New $799,000

116 Windridge

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

4 5 5,334Sq Ft.

4903 Greenville Road Active $749,900

4903 Greenville Road

LaGrange, Georgia, 30241

2 2 1,955Sq Ft.

407 Lakeview Way Active $749,900

407 Lakeview Way

LaGrange, Georgia, 30241

6 4 4,337Sq Ft.

703 Wisteria Way Price Change $699,900

703 Wisteria Way

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

5 5 4,472Sq Ft.

895 Mccosh Mill Road Under Contract $697,000

895 Mccosh Mill Road

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

3 3 2,304Sq Ft.

591 Salem Road Under Contract $693,900

591 Salem Road

LaGrange, Georgia, 30241

4 3 3,176Sq Ft.

5 Firefly Run Active $682,000

5 Firefly Run

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

5 3 3,412Sq Ft.

1003 The Stillwater Under Contract $669,000

1003 The Stillwater

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

4 3 3,886Sq Ft.

768 Rock Mills Road Active $650,000

768 Rock Mills Road

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

4 4 3,988Sq Ft.

425 Lakeview Way Under Contract $640,592

425 Lakeview Way

Lagrange, Georgia, 30241

5 5 3,057Sq Ft.

280 Wolf Creek Cove Active $637,000

280 Wolf Creek Cove

LaGrange, Georgia, 30240

3 3 2,582Sq Ft.

112 Millridge Drive Under Contract $599,900

112 Millridge Drive

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

4 4 3,558Sq Ft.

102 Canterbury Drive Active $597,700

102 Canterbury Drive

Lagrange, Georgia, 30241

5 5 3,661Sq Ft.

411 Highlander Run Active $585,000

411 Highlander Run

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

5 6 6,124Sq Ft.

122 Riverbluff Drive Under Contract $579,900

122 Riverbluff Drive

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

4 4 5,259Sq Ft.

155 Indian Bend Drive Active $575,000

155 Indian Bend Drive

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

5 3 2,286Sq Ft.

435 Lakeview Way Active $572,580

435 Lakeview Way

LaGrange, Georgia, 30241

5 4 2,997Sq Ft.

3006 White Oak Court Active $540,000

3006 White Oak Court

Lagrange, Georgia, 30240

4 5 3,834Sq Ft.

342 Lana Lane Active $534,800

342 Lana Lane

LaGrange, Georgia, 30241

5 3 3,034Sq Ft.

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    What makes LaGrange, GA, an ideal place to live?

    LaGrange offers a laid-back lifestyle, making it perfect for families and those who enjoy a relaxed environment. Connected to Atlanta yet 70 miles away, the town enjoys a humid subtropical climate, providing a moderate climate throughout the year.

    Is LaGrange a good place for families and raising kids?

    Absolutely. LaGrange is safe, with above-average schools and a community that hosts numerous events. The town is known for its family-owned businesses, creating a friendly atmosphere. Easy access to Atlanta and Newnan adds convenience without the hustle-bustle of big city life.

    Is LaGrange a good place for real estate investment?

    Yes, it can be an excellent investment opportunity. Many residents prefer renting, making homes for sale potential investments. Favorable conditions for housing growth, lower real estate prices, and essential facilities like highways and railways contribute to the city's real estate potential.

    What types of homes are available in LaGrange, GA?

    LaGrange offers a variety of housing options, including new homes with modern amenities (priced around $500k upwards), foreclosed homes with potentially lower prices (some as low as $100k), homes with basements (averaging around $175k), and homes with pools (averaging around $300k for new constructions).

    How can the real estate team assist in finding the right home in LaGrange?

    The team, well-versed in LaGrange's real estate, provides detailed information on available homes, helping potential buyers make informed decisions. Whether looking for affordability, luxury, or specific features, the team can guide buyers through the process and address any questions or doubts. Contact them for personalized assistance.