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Just call us and say “I want to sell my house” to make it happen. It’s that simple.

Whether you want to sell a house or an investment property in Georgia, there’s a lot of work involved right from renovations, pricing, positioning, marketing to finally getting an offer. Sometimes, it may even take months for that to happen and it is quite disappointing after all that work to get a lowball offer.

So, no wonder that homeowners find this phase quite stressful and challenging, and they may not always have all the right tools to navigate the process of selling their house and getting top dollar.

Consequently, in this market, it’s not enough to have a good agent, you need a great real estate agent! 

Hire My Brokerage, an expert in Georgia Real Estate, to help you get multiple offers and top dollar for your property, fast. Because who you work with matters!


Things to Consider While Selling a House in Georgia

Set the Price

The first thing you have to do to sell a house in Georgia is set your desired price. It needs to competitive, consider other homes in the area that are for sale or have recently sold, but also keep your own home's specifications in mind. We’ll help you find the most optimal price range. You don’t want to undersell your property nor do you want to put the price too high.

We know that you’re thinking “I want to sell my house in Georgia fast. It needs to be done as soon as possible”. We hear you. But before you start with marketing, listing, and the entire selling process, you need to evaluate your house. We’ll help you estimate your house’s value and conduct the market research needed to find the most optimal price.

Present the House

We’ll also help you present the house in the best way possible so you can draw in the right buyers. It’s not just about the pictures and descriptions of the property that help it sell faster. It’s the overall feel that prospective buyers get when looking at the listing.

You want to help the buyers see the potential in the house. That’s why we’ll amplify the lifestyle that goes with the house by adding videos, neighbors’ opinions, etc. Also, remodelling kitchen and bathrooms if necessary, and making the yard sell-wothy. Everything that’s needed to create the overall feeling of the house itself and the surrounding community.

Remember that you’re not selling just walls, you’re selling a brand new life that accompanies the property. Can they picture themselves living in the house? That can make a whole lot of difference. We want to spark buyer's imagination. Our years of experience have taught us how to do this. We know how to market houses just right.

presenting the interior design of the kitchen area

Avoid Common Mistakes

When you want to sell a house fast, you should also avoid the mistakes lots of homeowners make. First and foremost, you should keep your emotions in check so you can focus on the “business” side of selling the home.

We know that you cherish your home, especially if it’s your first one. You’ve invested a lot in it and created wonderful memories inside. But now it’s time to move on and the best results of real estate transactions can be achieved by distancing yourself from your emotions.

Also, you mustn’t hide major problems with the property. The issues will be disclosed anyway during the buyers’ inspection and they’ll just lose interest because you’ve “lied”. You need to address problems with the house ahead of time or lower the price of the house to account for fixing the problems.

You shouldn’t point out every single flaw either. It’s best if you “prepare the house for sale” by solving as many small issues as possible. Fix those broken door knobs, squeaking windows, or other troubled spots. Stage your house for pictures, videos, and other promotional materials, and make sure it’s always clean when prospective buyers come to see it. As we said, you want to present it in the best possible light.

real estate agent assisting a couple by showing them a property

Work With Experienced Professionals

Working with real estate agents can give you a much-needed financial perspective on selling a house. If you have good reasons for selling and you just need support going through this tiring process, we can be your support system.

Hiring an agent may cost more in commission, but you’ll get so much in return. Not just the support and help that everyone needs. We’ll also take away the stress that can quickly accumulate when you’re trying to sell a house alone.

Nowadays nobody sells a house with an “on-sale” sign. There’s a lot of groundwork that needs to be put in marketing, promotion, administration and sorting out the legalities. You don’t want to deal with that hassle, especially if you’re house-hunting yourself and starting the moving process.

Our goals are the same because when our clients are happy so are we. If we sell your house above the desired price, it’s profitable for us too. If we sell the house quickly, we’ll save precious time for both of us. We’re on the same team.

Sell Your House for Top Dollar, FAST

Do you want a cash offer? Does your home need renovations to get top dollar? The Georgia housing market is competitive, so going at it alone can be tricky. Get in touch with us for help selling your home. Enjoy the benefits of your house being sold at the right price and in the shortest time possible with less stress to you. 


How to Attract Potential Buyers from Georgia

Local buyers looking for houses for sale in Georgia are more likely to be interested in seeing and possibly purchasing your property, so don't discount word-of-mouth advertising. Notify everyone you know who might be interested in your home that you're selling it.

Even if you don't believe they'll be interested, tell everyone in your circle because they could know someone who is. You might even advertise your plan to sell your house in local bulletins of companies frequented by potential buyers if you have the budget and access.

Attracting potential buyers is all about marketing. It's highly important to catch local buyers’ attention. You can attract potential clients by using various marketing methods such as:

  • Utilizing social media
  • Old fashioned email marketing
  • Word of mouth for local buyers
  • Open houses
  • Using multiple listing services
  • Contacting local agents 

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Best Time To Sell A House In Georgia

The best time to sell a house in Georgia can differ depending on your preference whether you want to sell it fast or for a high price. 

According to’s 2021 data, the best time to sell a house fast is April. In April, a property’s approximate market day is 33.5 days while the month of January is around 58 days, which is the worst month to sell your house if you wanna sell it fast. 

For those who’d wanna sell their properties for a high price, the best month would be July. During the month of July, a house can be sold for 6.5% more than the annual average price according to’s December 2020 data.

It's Important to Consider the Buyer/Property Type

The best time to sell a property can depend on the type of the property and the buyers interested. For example, families with children have different requirements when compared to young couples or empty nesters because they would probably want to move before the school year starts. This means most families with children prefer to “move-in” around June, once the schools close.

If you are selling a beach house or a condo, the winter months might be the best time to sell your property because the buyers would like to move to warmer places like Georgia from harsher climates.

Cost Of Selling a Georgia Home

Each state may have different laws regarding the real estate selling process. Here are some of the expected fees you might have to pay while selling your home in Georgia.

Transferring Tax

When real estate is handed title in Georgia, sellers are obligated to pay a transfer tax. This tax must be paid before the deed may be recorded at the superior court clerk's office. The transfer tax is determined using the property's sale price. 

While the law in Georgia requires the seller to pay the transfer tax, it is typical for the parties to agree that the buyer will pay the transfer tax instead.

cash money next to a savings box

Seller Attorney Fees

Preparing legal documents and representing both parties during the closing ceremony. Also according to the Georgia state laws, the closing process MUST be completed by an attorney whose duty would be ensuring that all documentations are in order and the title is clear. Generally, the buyer is the one who’s responsible for the closing costs which can range between $500-$1000.

This can also be negotiated just like any other cost, it’s important to make sure that all decisions are written clearly in the contract.  

Real Estate Commission

Real estate commission rates will differ depending on the agent you choose. Factors like social media advertising, open houses, staging, photographing the property and more can be included in the commission fee.

While commission fees are negotiable, they are usually determined by the sale price of your home and pay will be divided between the buyer’s and seller’s brokerage agents.

The Closing Process In Georgia

The closing is the formal transfer of ownership of your home from you to the buyer. This procedure can be carried out at any location both parties agree on. When the lender notifies the closing attorney that everything is ready, the closing attorney will coordinate with all parties involved and their agents to plan the "closing ceremony."

Generally, the lender will supply the buyer with a "closing disclosure" within three business days of closing, which describes and details the loan terms. They then deliver the monies the buyer requires at closing to complete the acquisition.

The closing ceremony lasts around an hour and a half. The closing attorney will explain the closing documents to each party and answer any questions they may have throughout the ceremony. The attorney will collect and distribute funds from their trust account, assuming everything is in order.

The attorney will record the deeds once the closing is completed. The property is conveyed in one document, and the lender's security is conveyed in the other. In Georgia, it takes around a month for the buyer to receive the actual deed.

In-Depth Examination of the Closing Process

  • Just before the closing ceremony, a title search is performed to check for any assessments or liens on the title. If the title is returned as "clean," the closing can proceed without interruption.
  • If the lender requires title insurance, the attorney will prepare the paperwork for the transfer of the title/deed and will file the application for title insurance.
  • A final closure date that is acceptable to all parties will be set.
  • Calculation of the total money that the buyer must bring to the closing (in the form of a cashier's check).
  • The day of or the day before the closing ceremony, the last walkthrough is normally performed.
  • At the closing (settlement table), the buyer and seller sign all required closing documents as well as any final loan agreements.
  • The buyer uses a cashier's check to send the remaining amount of their down payment to the attorney.
  • The sale and deed are recorded with the local municipality by the attorney.
  • The buyer receives the keys and becomes the legal owner of the property.


Selling a house includes various factors to consider, and it can be confusing for first-time Georgia home sellers. Knowing what to expect and how to best prepare for it will help you be calm and more in control of the process. You can trust us to take care of all the stressful and confusing parts of selling your property while you sit back and focus on making your new house your home!

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