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Moreland is a small town in Coweta County around 40 miles from Atlanta. The town is well connected with the rest of the county.

Our homes for sale in Moreland GA are available to you for viewing at any time. When a house is sold, we take down the listings from the website too. We don’t want you to fall in love with a house just to find out it’s off the market! You can also browse the latest listings so you can be the first to see the house and make an offer. You can always reach out to us if you need any additional information or assistance.

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What to expect in Moreland, Georgia?

Moreland is well connected in the sense that the US Route 29 passes through the town, connecting it to county seat Newnan on the north (7 miles) and Grantville to the southwest (6 miles). There’s also the U.S. Route 27A that connects Newnan and Luthersville while passing through Moreland. 

Overall, you can get around pretty easily because everything is within driving distance and the town itself is entirely walkable.

Moreland is perfect for raising a family since it offers a peaceful suburban lifestyle with plenty of greenery around and great schools for kids. And the community is just amazing. People are friendly, outgoing, and accepting of newcomers. We know you won’t have a problem with fitting in and making new friends.

The author Erskine Caldwell was born in Moreland and the newspaper columnist Lewis Grizzard grew up here too. Moreland actually has a museum dedicated to the works of Lewis Grizzard that draws lots of attention. The town might be small but it has a big heart.

What kind of Homes you could Buy in Moreland, GA?

New Homes for Sale in Moreland

The best way to determine whether or not a new home is a right choice for you is to sit down with a builder, but there are also some things that you should consider before making this important purchase.

First, you need to consider your budget. New homes for sale in Moreland can be quite expensive when compared to other options.

In addition to this, you also want to work with a builder who will construct the home according to your specifications and ideas. This includes how many bedrooms and bathrooms will be included in the home, what the style of the house will be, and what features you want to be included.

Finally, it is important to know that you have a range of years in which you can actually live in your new home, as opposed to older homes for sale which may or may not come with a warranty that ensures that the structure will stand up over time.

Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Moreland

The first step to purchasing a foreclosed home is knowing where to start. First, determine the area you want to live in and then try to pick a neighborhood that's just getting started or has been recently developed.

Mobile Homes for Sale in Moreland

Many people are surprised at how affordable mobile homes can be, especially when compared with the average price of single-family homes.

Whether you're looking for an affordable starter home, your retirement dream home, or a low-maintenance property to share with someone else, shopping for a mobile home, chances are that you'll find your dream home in Moreland

Homes for Sale in Moreland, GA with Pool

Do you dream of splashing around in your own backyard pool? For many people, the answer is a resounding yes. A swimming pool is a perfect place to relax and unwind after a hard day at work and an entertaining spot for guests for merriment.

It's also a feature that requires regular maintenance and upkeep to keep it looking its best. So, keep that in mind while looking to buy homes with a pool.

Luxury homes in Moreland

Coweta Country’s very own Moreland, GA, is home to some of the most beautiful luxury homes to be found in the whole of Georgia. With homes measuring as much as 8,000 Sq ft. by 6,000 Sq ft. and with ample lot sizes and even more spacious acreage, these homes are a nature lover's dream!

If you’re looking for a detached single-family home to immerse yourself in your favorite outdoor hobbies, or if you are simply looking for a spacious, private home to relax in, in one of the most desirable locations in Georgia, then we have something for you!

Whether you're looking to spend $200,000 or $2 million, the Moreland luxury homes market has a variety of options.

Prices for Homes in Moreland, GA

With a median listing price and a median sale price of over $400k, Moreland, GA, is one of the most desirable areas for detached single-family houses, condos, and nature-immersed luxury homes. Boasting large lots and an abundance of three-bedroom to five-bedroom homes, Moreland has everything you need. 

Find the best Real Estate Listings in Moreland, GA

Each of our listings has information about particular houses, neighborhoods, and other things you need to make a firm decision. If you need to know more information, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team members are more than happy to answer all your questions and guide you through the entire transaction process.

House-hunting shouldn’t be stressful, not when you have the right support. At My Brokerage, we’ll do anything we can so you can enjoy exploring new homes for sale until you find the perfect one.

Find your new dream home in the heart of Coweta County now — browse the listings below. These are our best picks for houses for sale in Moreland, GA!

Browse through Homes for Sale in Moreland, GA

24 Mill Pond Lane 30 Under Contract $514,993

24 Mill Pond Lane 30

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 4 0Sq Ft.

715 Tabby Linch Road New $499,900

715 Tabby Linch Road

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

4 3 2,725Sq Ft.

288 Lee Thompson Road Active $455,000

288 Lee Thompson Road

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 2 1,830Sq Ft.

1066 Bexley Active $369,900

1066 Bexley

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 2 1,268Sq Ft.

1391 Gordon Rd Under Contract $365,000

1391 Gordon Rd

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 2 1,384Sq Ft.

147 Haynie Road New $359,000

147 Haynie Road

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 2 1,929Sq Ft.

34 Cecil Hunter Road Under Contract $319,900

34 Cecil Hunter Road

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 2 1,596Sq Ft.

894 Hines Road Active $265,000

894 Hines Road

Moreland, Georgia, 30259

3 2 1,300Sq Ft.

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