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New Homes For Sale In Peachtree City, GA

Browse through these listings of homes for sale in Peachtree City Ga to find your new dream home!

Year-round temperate weather, a plethora of recreational activities, and plenty of green space can’t be beaten. You’ll be away from the chaos and bustle of the city while yet being near to all the conveniences you need. With the built road networks, traveling to Atlanta for work is simple. Peachtree City is an excellent destination for seniors, working professionals, and families.

138 Iron Oak Drive New $930,000

138 Iron Oak Drive

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 5 0Sq Ft.

608 Francis Avenue New $699,900

608 Francis Avenue

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

5 5 3,562Sq Ft.

170 Cloister Dr New $694,500

170 Cloister Dr

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 3 3,230Sq Ft.

135 W Creek New $675,000

135 W Creek

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 5 3,653Sq Ft.

303 Terrane Ridge New $650,000

303 Terrane Ridge

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 3 2,517Sq Ft.

343 Walnut Grove Road New $574,875

343 Walnut Grove Road

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 3 2,728Sq Ft.

703 Gittings Ave New $539,000

703 Gittings Ave

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 3 2,352Sq Ft.

307 Planceer Place New $527,500

307 Planceer Place

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

4 3 2,152Sq Ft.

307 Ridgefield Drive New $305,000

307 Ridgefield Drive

Peachtree City, Georgia, 30269

2 2 1,505Sq Ft.

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    New Homes For Sale In Peachtree City, GA

    Why buy a house in Peachtree City GA?

    For families with children, Peachtree City offers a total of 27 public schools. Each of these institutions is a part of the Fayette County School System, which routinely rates among the best in the country. Quality education and student mentors are highly valued in Peachtree City GA. Within an hour’s drive, there are more than 10 schools and institutions, providing students with several options for higher education.

    What is it like to live in Peachtree City GA?

    If you enjoy being outside, Peachtree City, Georgia, will provide you with all of the conveniences and surrounding activities that you could possibly desire. There are several gorgeous parks and lakes in this town. Flat Creek Nature Area, one of the most attractive parks, contains picnic tables, pathways, and a fishing pier. Drake Field Park is located on Lake Peachtree, which is ideal for boating and fishing.

    If you enjoy golf, you’ve come to the right place. Peachtree City has four golf resorts, with many more just a short drive away. Many players consider Planterra Ridge Golf Club to be one of the best in the area. We propose spending the day on the back nine and driving your golf carts across town on one of the city’s many golf cart trails.

    More on what its like to live in Peachtree City here

    New Homes For Sale In Peachtree City, GA

    Peachtree City GA Market Overview

    Peachtree City, Georgia’s real estate market is rising. Many people are looking for a secure sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    The average house price in the area is $370,924. About seventy-five percent of inhabitants own their houses and live in them full-time. This reflects a highly established population and a good standard of living for locals.

    If you’re thinking about relocating here, keep in mind the additional expenditures of owning a property in this neighborhood, like HOA fees. While they may increase your mortgage payments, you will be pleased to have an organization manage the plants and community facilities in the long run.

    Living Expenses Peachtree City Georgia The US
    Average Property Price
    • Price Range

      The price range for homes for sale in Peachtree City is between $239K - $3.3M

    • Average House Listing Price

      The median home listing price in Peachtree is $475K.
      While the median home listing price per square foot is $201.

    • Median Household Income

      The median household income in Peachtree City is $100,768

    • Number of days on the Market

      Homes in Peachtree city stay on the market for about 42 Days. The average day on the market for homes in the Atlanta Metro area is 71 days.

    The real estate market in Peachtree city is slightly slower than the real estate market in Atlanta. However, homes in Peachtree City tend to be more affordable than Atlanta homes.

    Peachtree City, GA FAQs

    What is Peachtree City GA known for?

    Peachtree City is the most populous city in Georgia's Fayette County. The city of Peachtree City is known for its widespread use of golf carts. Over 10,000 families in the city possess golf carts, and more than Ninety miles (140 kilometers) of golf cart pathways connect much of the city.

    Should I move to Peachtree City GA?

    If you are considering moving somewhere that is peaceful and luxurious, then you should totally move to Peachtree City GA.

    What is it like to live in Peachtree City?

    Peachtree City is many different things to different people – a quiet retreat after a full day of work, a haven from the brick and concrete of the big city, a peaceful spot to celebrate life's milestones, a thriving place to start a family – but for those thinking of moving to the Atlanta area, Peachtree City is the place to be.

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