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Imagine having the convenience of living within minutes of everything. That is exactly what you get when you purchase a new home in Newnan, Georgia. The historic city center offers every modern amenity imaginable, but with a small-town atmosphere, Southern charm, and socio-economic diversity. Newnan is about 38 miles from Atlanta and at a short distance from other interesting towns like Peachtree City, Sharpsburg, and Moreland.

At My Brokerage, we strive to make the challenging process of buying a house in Newnan as easy and stress-free as possible. We have a proven track record of selling thousands of homes in Georgia state for over 12 years. So, reach out to us and let us help you find your dream home from our extensive real estate listings.

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Why choose Newnan for your dream home?

In Newnan, you can find properties with a very affordable price and a great return on your investment. In addition, buying a new house in Newnan, Georgia is a decision that will not go wrong, as prices are constantly going up thanks to the growth that the city is experiencing. In addition, if you buy a home here, you will have a great opportunity to improve your standard of living in a city in a quiet neighborhood with a rich history.

The present state of the real estate market in Newnan provides a bright picture for future homeowners. Homes for sale in Newnan are selling for a median price of around $300,000 for a 3 bedroom. And the rent in Newnan is at an average of $1349 per month in rent.

What is it like to live in Newnan, GA?

Although this city has many benefits, one of its main attractions is extraordinary school systems where students can develop their skills to achieve great heights in university studies.

The quality of life in Newnan is undoubtedly much higher than in other nearby cities and places. Newnan also provides access to sports centers and recreational activities for children and young people. It has a wide range of museums, cinemas, and theaters where you can enjoy every day with your family.

Buying New Homes in Newnan - is it Worth it?

One of the main benefits of buying new construction homes is that these houses usually have lower interest rates. This means that your monthly payments will be more affordable and easy to afford. In addition, with a new or a renovated house, you will not need to spend a lot of money on repairs or maintenance for many years.

Apart from new construction houses in Newnan, you can also find foreclosed homes, homes with a pool, waterfront homes, and so on. Find all the homes for sale in Newnan here.

Browse through New Homes for Sale in Newnan, GA

40 Arbor Garden Circle New $799,900

40 Arbor Garden Circle

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 4 2,364Sq Ft.

300 Arbor Garden Circle New $799,900

300 Arbor Garden Circle

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 4 2,364Sq Ft.

50 Inverness Way New $795,000

50 Inverness Way

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 4 4,823Sq Ft.

194 Lake Shore Drive New $729,700

194 Lake Shore Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 4 3,223Sq Ft.

18 Palomino Circle New $679,999

18 Palomino Circle

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

5 4 3,755Sq Ft.

100 Cedara Drive 10 New $638,225

100 Cedara Drive 10

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 4 2,765Sq Ft.

43 Dappers Landing New $570,000

43 Dappers Landing

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 3 2,090Sq Ft.

95 Tillinghast Trace New $560,000

95 Tillinghast Trace

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

5 4 3,202Sq Ft.

245 Northcrest Drive New $519,000

245 Northcrest Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 4 3,683Sq Ft.

71 Redlevel Walk New $514,222

71 Redlevel Walk

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 3 2,402Sq Ft.

130 Kendall Street New $499,900

130 Kendall Street

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 3 2,829Sq Ft.

HOMESITE 77 Scout Way EVEREST New $456,649


Newnan, Georgia, 30263

5 3 3,184Sq Ft.

4629 Happy Valley Circle New $450,000

4629 Happy Valley Circle

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 3 3,380Sq Ft.

406 Long Shore Way New $450,000

406 Long Shore Way

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,396Sq Ft.

199 Windermere Circle New $409,900

199 Windermere Circle

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 2 1,950Sq Ft.

26 Pleasant Point New $409,000

26 Pleasant Point

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

3 2 2,173Sq Ft.

125 Inverness Ave New $379,900

125 Inverness Ave

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

3 3 2,124Sq Ft.

50 Tapestry Ln New $375,000

50 Tapestry Ln

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 2 1,782Sq Ft.

60 O Tara Woods Ct New $374,900

60 O Tara Woods Ct

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 2 1,753Sq Ft.

11 Pebble Creek Drive New $369,900

11 Pebble Creek Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 2 1,857Sq Ft.

75 Links Court New $369,000

75 Links Court

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 0Sq Ft.

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