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We present you the latest listings of Newnan GA homes for sale to help you find your dream house.

Newnan, the hometown of Alan Jackson, is known as the City of Homes.  In fact, Newnan has frequently been recognized as a great place to live and work. In 2000, the city was ranked as one of the 50 best places in the United States to raise a family by “MONEY” magazine.

Our listings have detailed information about each property but we want you to contact us with any questions you may have about the property that isn’t already answered. We’ll happily give you all the information you need to make a decision. Our goal is to make house-hunting easy and stress-free so our doors are always open.

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Before you start looking at homes for sale in Newnan GA, make sure to create a checklist of everything you want in a house. Write down the criteria that are important to you. For example, you can set the price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, house amenities and appliances, square footage, neighborhood, walking distance from schools, etc. Imagine what kind of life you want to lead and you’ll have an easier time finding the house to accompany it.

After you fall in love with a particular property and imagine living in Newnan, we’ll take care of everything else.

What to expect in Newnan, Georgia?

If you’re browsing houses for sale in Newnan GA, you probably already know a lot about this lovely town. For reminders, Newnan is the seat of Coweta County, and it’s located only 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, meaning you’ll enjoy a quiet, small-town lifestyle while still living in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

  • Newnan has six historic districts and its antebellum architecture is generally well-preserved since the town was not affected by the Civil War. Newnan was actually a hospital city for both conflicting sides, so battles didn’t ravage the city.
  • Newnan has a rich cultural life with lots of community events. The city is also home to a museum of African American history. Georgia’s first Carnegie Library is located in Newnan and it’s restored to its original state in 2009.
  • Greenery isn’t lacking either. With lots of parks such as Cranford Park, Carl Miller Park, Temple Avenue Park, and others, you won’t lack places for picnics, games with your kids, and resting. You can see lots of beautiful sculptures and murals throughout historic districts and Greenville Street Park. It really is the perfect combination of art and nature.
  • People come to Newnan for that suburban feel but stay for the lovely welcoming neighborhoods, friendly people, town’s greenery, amazing restaurants, and good schools. It’s a wonderful place to start a family since it’s entirely walkable. Newnan has more than 20 public schools so you can surely find the one perfect for your kids.

City of Homes: Newnan, GA

There’s a reason why Coweta County’s very own Newnan has long been known as the “City of Homes”: This is where you’ll find some of Georgia’s most beautiful houses and commercial buildings, as well as six National Register Historic Districts.

The historic appeal of this incredible town is one of the main reasons prospective homeowners continue to think of Newnan as a dream location for their new homes in Georgia.

Real Estate Market Trends in Newnan, GA

The proof is in Newnan’s latest housing market trends, which show a dramatic increase in home buying compared to the previous year. In fact, homes have been selling after an average of just 5 days on the market compared to as many as 23 days in 2020.

The current state of the real estate market paints a promising picture for the future of prospective homeowners. As the desirability of the area continues to improve homes have been selling for a median price of around $300K and with an average rental price sitting at $1349 per month.

Single-family, three-bedroom homes dominate the market. However, modern homes built after the year 2000 make up approximately 50% of all real estate in this quaint Georgian town. In terms of sales-to-list ratio, Newnan’s homes are shown to be selling at the same price as their initial listing, with house prices rising over 20% compared to the previous year.

All in all, market trends in Newnan show considerable growth, and as one of the most competitive real estate markets in Georgia, this charming town in Coweta County is set to become the next big thing for both investors and residential homeowners.

Type of Homes for Sale Available in Newnan

New Homes for Sale in Newnan

If you are looking for a brand new home of your own, Newnan is certainly the place to look. There are plenty of new builds in this area, bringing brand new homes into the area that offer all amenities necessary for modern living at their finest.

Foreclosed Homes for Sale in Newnan

Foreclosed homes are another option in the area, and it is still possible to find these at affordable prices. However, there are maximum amounts that you can pay for a foreclosure that has been set by law. You will also likely have to do some substantial work on the property before you move in--at least cosmetic upgrades.

Mobile Homes for Sale in Newnan

These are also a good option for those who want to get on the property ladder but don't have a lot of money. There are plenty of mobile homes for sale in Newnan at all times, so even if you find one that is a bit older it can still be a wonderful place to start out.

Homes for Sale in Newnan, GA with Pool

Homes with pools are definitely an excellent choice if you're looking for something more luxurious. They can be quite expensive, but they come with all the perks of a pool house, including proximity to your own pool 24/7!

Waterfront Homes for Sale in Newnan

For those who want to live on the water, Newnan offers waterfront homes for sale. These homes come with many benefits, and you will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of living in a waterfront home, which can be quite relaxing and rejuvenating.

Browse through Homes for Sale in Newnan, GA

14 Alyssa New $430,000

14 Alyssa

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 3 3,058Sq Ft.

43 Greencove Court Active $429,900

43 Greencove Court

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 12 0Sq Ft.

6 October Avenue Active $425,000

6 October Avenue

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,010Sq Ft.

4 Cliffbriar Ter Active $425,000

4 Cliffbriar Ter

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 3 2,010Sq Ft.

144 Chapel Hill Parkway Active $425,000

144 Chapel Hill Parkway

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 4 2,379Sq Ft.

245 Briandwood Drive New $425,000

245 Briandwood Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,936Sq Ft.

HOMESITE 97 Dane Place Active $424,999

HOMESITE 97 Dane Place

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 3 2,662Sq Ft.

92 Vale Under Contract $424,900

92 Vale

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

5 3 0Sq Ft.

20 Glenridge Under Contract $424,900

20 Glenridge

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 3 2,251Sq Ft.

157 Brookstone Park Active $424,900

157 Brookstone Park

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

3 3 2,141Sq Ft.

45 Fox Ridge Active $420,000

45 Fox Ridge

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,620Sq Ft.

28 Valencia Lane Active $420,000

28 Valencia Lane

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

5 3 2,864Sq Ft.

10 Valley Lane Active $420,000

10 Valley Lane

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

3 2 2,735Sq Ft.

464 Springwater Chase Active $420,000

464 Springwater Chase

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

5 3 2,432Sq Ft.

42 Camden Circle New $419,900

42 Camden Circle

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

5 4 0Sq Ft.

84 Torero Trail Under Contract $419,900

84 Torero Trail

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

5 3 3,166Sq Ft.

104 Creekside Way New $419,900

104 Creekside Way

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,294Sq Ft.

1197 Corinth Road 24 C Under Contract $419,000

1197 Corinth Road 24 C

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

3 2 1,950Sq Ft.

210 Lakeside Drive Active $418,900

210 Lakeside Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30263

4 3 2,854Sq Ft.

6 Fox Ridge Drive New $418,500

6 Fox Ridge Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,542Sq Ft.

140 Woodstream Drive Active $418,500

140 Woodstream Drive

Newnan, Georgia, 30265

4 3 2,600Sq Ft.

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