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Our Guide to Moving From Sandy Springs to Atlanta

Our Guide to Moving From Sandy Springs to Atlanta

No matter how you slice it, moving is transformative. The mere fourteen miles from the suburb Sandy Springs, Ga. to Atlanta may seem short, but it's truly a world away.

If you are living in Sandy Springs, Georgia, and considering the big move, our guide to moving from Sandy Springs to Atlanta will offer you insightful tips on how to choose your new home in this dynamic area. With today's online searches for home listings and data about home value, neighborhoods, and more, you'll be educated quickly!


Before moving from Sandy Springs, consider what you treasure about Sandy Springs. Since you'll only be a few miles away, you'll still be so close to the old stomping grounds that you can visit friends or family for dinner or pop into your favorite cafe.

Make a list of what you'll miss most, and why Sandy Springs offers such a safe, good place to live. Add to your list the reasons why living outside of the city just not good enough anymore. Perhaps you work downtown or just crave a more exciting nightlife. Whatever your reasons, you are ready to pull up stakes and discover what living inside the city borders of the city offers to you and your family.

Moving to the capital city of Georgia, you will still be able to hop in your car and easily visit local Sandy Springs spots, such as rural farm stands, favorite coffee shops, and friends and family. At the same time, you will have at your fingertips incredible places such as Lake Forest, Heritage Sandy Springs, the Roswell Road area, and numerous historic sites such as the Austin Johnson House.

When you are moving from Sandy Springs, you may feel like it's "next door" but still, be happily shaken to your core to be in the center of a vibrant city where anything and everything is possible. Yet when you need a break or just want to return to some memorable places in Sandy Springs, you can visit without any hassle.

Think of this as having the best of both worlds, with the bookends of Sandy Springs and downtown homes as your Yin and Yang. Together, these two places will create your Zen!

There are so many details to consider before a big move, especially from a lovely place such as Sandy Springs, GA.

From real estate with info about homes for sale to elementary or high schools, we've captured the must-know scoop on neighborhoods, school districts, specific schools, population, real estate tips, and even where to find the best coffee shops. Though you may be leaving Sandy Springs, you'll be thrilled at all the big city offers you and your family in your new home.

From Elementary School to High School

Kid with a book
Be sure to save your searches when researching the schools in your new neighborhood.

If you've got children in elementary school, middle school, or high school, be sure to check out homes for sale or other real estate properties nearby after you get to know the new school district. As you leave the Heard's Ferry schools, be confident the city's schools are well-equipped for the superior education of your children. Your new home can be a short walking distance for your kids to travel to school daily.

Remember -  every real estate agent worth his or her salt will know the local schools well, but it's wise to be prepared with your own education about schools prior to falling in love with your new Georgia home. With hundreds of schools to choose from, this information should set you on your way to figuring out which neighborhoods are best suited for you and your family.

Sandy Springs has amazing schools with plenty of high accolades. But if you are worried about moving your children to the city and how the schools in will stack up against your elementary school, middle school, or high school, don't fret.

We've prepared some Fulton County school district information for you here so when you look at homes you will be prepared!

Know the Fulton School District

Now that you understand your school district, it's time to tie in your dream schools to your new forever-home. Using the Fulton County School District website is wise in order to see results for your in-depth research.

The school District (FCS) represents the fourth largest school system in Georgia. They have over  14,000 full-and part-time employees, including  7,500 teachers and many more certified personnel. These employees work in 106 schools and administrative buildings.

As the school district reports, "In the  2019-20 school year, about 93,500 students attended classes in 59 elementary schools, 19 middle schools, 18 high schools (includes two open campus high schools), and 10 charter organizations (some charters have multiple campuses but are considered a single school)." The School district offers residents educational milestones and results on their website.

Rest assured that there is a school for everyone! Check out the acclaimed Heards Ferry Elementary school, the Ison Springs Elementary school, and all the high schools, which all offer neighborhoods within walking distance to schools.

When shopping via a website for new homes, you can now narrow down your search based upon your searches for the perfect schools. And be sure to note that purchasing a home in a great school district will mean your new home will appreciate in value.

Locations of Schools

Once you are ready to start checking out real estate properties, check the school district website. Keep this handy list of all the nearby schools. You can save search of websites, like this site URL, on your phone, so when you do visit a home or neighborhood you love, you can instantly look up the closest schools that your children can attend.

Fulton County is Kid-Friendly

Moving to a new home and school can be especially stressful for children. But this school district is aware of the stress new children may experience, and the administrators there have stepped up to offer an incredible 24/7 live stream video service with down-to-earth information for your students living in their new home.

FCS-TV offers original programs and videos highlighting all the amazing things happening in Fulton County schools, with special student-friendly content offered by current students. The elementary schools in all neighborhoods make it their main issue to welcome your children to their new school.

As a public service, the schools offer free information on local channels, including Comcast Ch. 24, Google Fiber TV Ch. 145, and AT&T Ch. 99.

When it comes to keeping the kids amused downtown or nearby, don't forget the Chattahoochee River National Recreation and the famous  Chattahoochee River Summer Splash, for outdoor fun.

Spotlight on the Top Neighborhoods to Settle Into

Every city has some major spots where locals can enjoy the diversity and vibrancy of their town. As you already know, Sandy Springs offers homes for sale located in incredible areas, with easy access to recreation areas. Luckily, your real estate website experience as you search new home listings and schools will be seamless, and you will discover been more recreation delights in many neighborhoods.

When you do your real estate searches and decide to tour a property, be sure to share your accommodation requests with your agent. Every good real estate agent will be happy to cater to your needs and will assist you with local hot spots, price of homes, home values, information about a specific area, and advice about schools.

Atlanta, however, is an attraction unto itself! Though you'll have to drive from your house to some special spots in any city, there are some charming neighborhoods filled with homes for sale to consider when you are moving from Sandy Springs. From the most historic to hip, here's a shortlist of some of our favorite finds!

Georgia State University Area

Living near a university in any city is a bonus, but when you consider Georgia State University (GSU), it's like winning the lottery. GSU is a must for anyone who wants to walk to their local destination,  since it is the most walkable neighborhood in the city, boasting a 96 Walk Score and great perks for residents. The real estate listings in this area include bragging rights since the GSU area is ranked number one for public transportation and is just east of central downtown.

Near GSU is the Five Points neighborhood, one of the most desired real estate areas in the area. Here you will find a mix of families, Georgia State University faculty and alumni, and retirees who adore the charming, often tree-canopied streets that are close to the bustling university events. Bookstores, cafes, grocery stores, and local highly regarded restaurants round out this neighborhood, and if you have young children, note that it's home to the acclaimed Barrow Elementary School.

This charming area is very close to neighborhoods such as Peachtree Center, Sweet Auburn, South Downtown, SoNo, Summer Hill, and Centennial Hill.

Meet the South Side

If you're looking for the most upscale, wealthy neighborhood to call home, look no further than Decatur. Check your local listings for this diverse area. This is the #1 best place to live in Atlanta, Georgia. The charming vibe of this small-town neighborhood is elevated by a wide variety of urban gems.

Living in Decatur, you will be mesmerized by the famous restaurants, hipster coffee shops, bars offering entertainment, and parks that offer a national recreation-style vibe. Perfect for families or professionals, this is a town where people will remember your name and you'll easily put down roots. Your price can vary here, and range from smaller homes to sprawling properties complete with a game room!

Be sure to research each home price and find the best real estate team to help you with your search for a new property. A seasoned real estate agent will share the home value of the house you want to bid upon or share the benefits of certain school districts as they relate to the appreciation of your new home.

Boutique Neighborhoods

Atlanta has many unique, bustling yet quiet areas that are considered boutique neighborhoods. These neighborhoods offer not only all the culture, excitement, and diversity of the city but also the more local, lovable spots you will visit over and over again.

Briar Cliff is one such neighborhood, offering a fenced-in community with luxury amenities, all nestled within miles of the city's downtown. This townhouse is an upscale property, with marble bathrooms featuring original, designed luxury finishes, complete with an open floor plan that allows natural light to flood your home.  It's also a small population neighborhood, with access to fantastic amenities.

Luxury House Interior

Living in the city doesn't mean you have to purchase a condominium. There are sprawling, stunning real estate properties you can purchase, complete with every amenity you can imagine. If you want to live life large, check out the video tour by Berkshire Hathaway Home Services of this 15,000-square-foot home, which is a fantasy come true!

No matter your budget, be sure to check out the top neighborhoods in Atlanta before you choose your new home. Don’t forget to include Peachtree and Midtown, two magical spots to live, when you are searching for properties. And, if you're looking for a condominium or apartment, remember to always check the HOA fees.

Hot Spots for Every Age and Preference

Residents and tourists from all over the world alike rave about Atlanta's entertainment.

Atlanta is famous for its hot spots, and having a house in the city will take the hassle out of figuring out where to go out. From music to fun family-friendly things to do to much more, this city is the definition of cool. You will be forever entertained by the late-night energy of live music or the laid-back charms of local nature.

We promise there are plenty of natural wonders plus city awe waiting for you. From the country to the city, here's a list of some amazing spots to visit in Atlanta, near your new house!

For Nature Lovers

If you are looking for a visit to the Chattahoochee River with your friends or family, you're in great shape, because this river national recreation area is right in Atlanta. This 48-mile stretch is located in Atlanta proper and will keep you happy in nature all day. Feel free to enjoy the Springs Festival, where you can enjoy the Chattahoochee River Summer Splash.

Also, hiking in Atlanta is simple, and if you drive to the nearby Island Ford Trail, you'll be impressed. This nature reserve offers scenic views of the Chattahoochee River, a natural forest, and even caves that stud the river’s banks near Roswell.

For Gamers

If you like gaming, head over to Joystick Gamebar, where you can pinball the night away. Yes, they have Mrs. Pacman, too!

For Shark Lovers

Calling all shark lovers: the Georgia Aquarium is swimming with fish!  Check the daily schedule for fun things to do. Check out their site to see daily events.

For Night Life

Grab a slice of foodie-worthy unique, delicious pizza and chill to some live music, often jazz, at Slice Downtown. The menu is pizza-centric and wallet-friendly!

For Fizzy Memories

You’ll say it’s for the kids, but admit it: sampling soda from around the world and doing a sensory taste test is pretty cool - all at the World of Coca-Cola. It's a only brief trip from your house to this bubbly spot, so check their site for daily specials!

The Takeaway

Like a modern take on Dorothy’s trip to Oz, moving from Sandy Springs to Atlanta will blow you away as you learn how much more is possible in the adventure you call life! And, with Sandy Springs only fourteen miles away, you can still easily commute back to the old neighborhood to catch up with friends and family.

You will still be close to your former home, but here, you will be in the center of a bustling, surprising, and wondrous city.

Since everything is an easy drive from the city to the country, you can easily enjoy the beauty of the river national recreation area or the nightlife Atlanta offers. When it comes to finding special homes for sale, this city boasts the most dynamic real estate agents in the state.

We hope this guide to moving from Sandy Springs to Atlanta helps you find the best results for your dream house and aids your move to one of the most magical spots on Earth!

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