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Our Guide To Selling High-End Homes In Atlanta

Our Guide To Selling High-End Homes In Atlanta

Despite the strong economy and growing population, the demand for new homes in Atlanta is increasing at a gentle pace. The mostly young newcomers prefer to rent houses, and the middle-aged locals tend to rent their properties out.

Considering the quality of life, Atlanta is one of the best cities to live in. It attracts newcomers, and residents don't tend to leave. Atlanta often makes it onto lists of the best places to invest in the housing market.

Whether you own a luxury property or you are a real estate agent, you might find this article useful.


Current Status of the Housing Market in Atlanta

According to, there is a healthy balance of buyers and sellers in the Atlanta housing market. No doubt COVID-19 has had some influences on the market worldwide; Atlanta is not an exception. 

In the metro Atlanta area, the housing market is not comparable to the pre-COVID-19 period, but recently it has recovered a bit, and the median sales price has increased. The sellers are showing more interest in the market, but the number of houses listed for sale is limited.

The reasonable cost of living is attractive to everyone, particularly to skilled workers looking for job opportunities. Students are also eager to move to Atlanta.

The employment rate in Atlanta has been persistently growing %2.3 for the last five years. According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, the population is predicted to reach 8 million in twenty years. Consequently, the price of properties will increase, which shows that buying a property in Atlanta is one of the best long-term investments.

How to Market Luxury Homes

Before you jump in, consider that putting a luxury property on the market is not a piece of cake! You need to buckle down and be extremely cautious. Big investors spend a lot of money and expect something spectacular. No matter how unreasonable or unrealistic they are, you need to fulfill their needs!

Moreover, as the price of a house goes up, the demand falls. Marketing and selling luxury homes is usually a long road. Are you still interested in earning high commissions? If so, here are some helpful tips:

Build Your Personal Network

A golden key to success in a real estate business is establishing great relationships with as many people as you can. Try to make friends with local businesses, spend some time out of your office, hang out at cafés, bars, go shopping, and actively participate in local events.

Have Your Own Business card

Design a perfect business card and hand it out everywhere you go. Your acquaintances might already know someone looking for real estate. it's an easy way to stand out. Don't let your potential clients lose your contact details.

Make Yourself Known

Be active on social media; most potential buyers/sellers search the internet before calling an agent or embarking on the marketing process. It's crucial to be available and interact well with potential clients. Also, it would be good to benefit from paid ads on social media or other effective advertising methods.

Ask for Professional Help

Even if you have already sold a few luxury homes, it's still a good idea to ask for professional help. An experienced broker with high intellectual knowledge can help you save a lot of time and money.

Make Yourself Stand Out

It's essential to set yourself apart in the competitive market; you need to be known online or in person.

Design a Website

Represent yourself through a blog or a website. Make sure your website is user-friendly and works well on mobile devices. Keep in mind to include listings and update your old posts regularly, and don’t forget to ask your clients to write testimonials.

Send Newsletters

Find the best time to send out a newsletter; you can do it once or twice a month or when you update the listings.

Be Accessible

Make sure to be at hand in such a way that anyone feels free to contact you. You don't need to be available 24/7; find a way to improve your response time though. It would be smart to set up automatic responses, letting your clients know that they will hear back soon.

Keep in Touch

Stay in touch with your former clients and don't let them forget you. Send New Year cards, birthday wishes, or anniversary bouquets. Do your best to stick in their mind.

Throw a Party

This gives you a chance to socialize with new people who might be interested in buying a new property. Give the guests something they do not expect with your contact details printed on it!

Look Good

Dress up, act perfect, and never misbehave in public. You never know who your potential clients are; neither you are aware of the time and place they would run into you. Always be prepared to make a great first impression.

Know Your Goals

Set goals and stick to them; you need to figure out what you truly want. Think about how much you want to spend to acquire a considerable reputation. Consider the worst-case scenario; real estate is not a safe business; get yourself ready for months of no sales.

Selling Luxury Real Estate

The buyer's pool is narrow in the luxury sphere. You might need to pay to get noticed by the potential buyers. 

Present the house perfectly and Highlight all the exclusive features of the house. Guide the buyer to see the property's potential and follow your gut instincts to motivate the buyers. 

The neighborhood is of great importance as well. The buyers like to feel that they are moving to a safe, lovely area.

Our Guide To Selling High-End Homes In Atlanta

Look for the Right Buyer

Luxury property buyers don't tend to participate in crowded public places. You need to schedule exclusive appointments for them.

This also saves all the efforts to do an open house. We don’t like the crowd of people around who are only curious to see the house's interior! In luxury property marketing, it doesn’t matter how many people are interested in the house; the only thing that matters is to find the right buyer.

Sell at the Best Time

Pick the right time to go on the market. Spring is usually the best time for selling a house, mainly because more buyers are hunting. Not that it's impossible to sell a property in other seasons, but it may take some extra time and effort. You don't want to be on the market for a long time and end up reevaluating your property.

Present Your Property Well

It’s essential to be eye-catching! Take advantage of the AR/VR technology or simply take professional pictures of the property as well as the neighborhood. If you are not a good photographer, hire a professional to take appealing shots. Make walkthrough videos or the 3D tours of the real estate. It saves time and lets the buyers imagine themselves living their luxury lifestyles there.

Price it Right

The most important part of the process is the art of pricing. You don't want to undervalue a property; on the other hand, the last thing you want is to be on the market for a long time.

It would be best if you considered both the sellers' and buyers' personalities and opinions. You can spend some time with your customers to discover their desires. You need to be precise about what makes their dream home.

It’s also your job to persuade sellers to accept market trends and sell their property at a reasonable price.

Be an Ideal Agent

In the luxury real estate business, being good is not enough; everything should be perfect. If this is your first time selling a luxury property, make sure to team up with an experienced realtor. Co-working with an agent who knows all the luxury real estate's ins-and-outs is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, real estate is a risky business, and selling a luxury property is not an easy process. It's hard to make money in the real estate business without investing some. Are you passionate enough and ready to take up the challenge? You will fall in love with this!

The Atlanta housing market is very competitive, so going it alone can be tricky. Get in touch with us for help selling your home. Enjoy the benefits of your house being sold at the right price and in the shortest time possible with less stress to you.

Who you work with matters.

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