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Why Living in Georgia Is Hot Right Now

Why Living in Georgia Is Hot Right Now

If you’re looking to pick a great state to move to, Georgia is the perfect state to consider! Not only is the cost of living in Georgia lower than the national average, but this wonderful state also offers a pleasant pace of life. We want to guide you through the reasons why Georgia is the best place to live right now and also give you additional insights and facts about living here.

10 Reasons Why Georgia Is One of the Best States to Live in 

If you need reasons to move, we’ll gladly give you. Here are just ten things we love about Georgia, but there’s so much more!

Beautiful Nature

Georgia’s mountains and the countryside are absolutely astonishing. From waterfalls to canyons, you won’t lack places to explore in Georgia. Wherever location you choose for settling down, you can use the weekends to visit the Amicalola Falls in the Northeast Georgia Mountains, explore the Okefenokee Swamp in south Georgia, or just take refuge in the Radium Springs. And there are so many hiking trails that can help you immerse in nature with ease. 

Welcoming People 

Known for their kindness, Georgia’s people will make you feel welcomed into their neighborhoods. Georgians often are polite and genuinely nice. They have good manners, and you’ll learn a lot from them about hospitality

The Weather

In Georgia, you can experience all four seasons. Enjoy a moderate winter, spring, summer, and fall every year due to the state’s mild temperate climate, along with a fair share of sunny days throughout the entire year. Winters are very mild. Some days you won’t even need a thick winter coat! And the air is clean and good for your health!

Incredible Food

From delicious Southern cuisine to authentic ethnic dishes, Georgia offers a variety of food options. We’re thinking of delicious chicken and cornbread, Mexican enchiladas and tacos, shrimp and grits, and so much more. Once you complete these meals with a glass of sweet iced tea, you’ll love them even more! 

Speaking of soft drinks, did you know that Georgia was home to Coca-Cola’s creator James Pemberton? The biggest-selling soft drink was made in 1886 by none other than an Atlanta pharmacist! And, happily for Coke lovers, a museum dedicated to Coca-Cola stands out as one of the capital city’s major attractions. 

Job Opportunities

Georgia is in a state of economic growth, so you can find lots of work opportunities, whether in Atlanta, Augusta, Savannah, and other big cities or in small towns across the country. The jobs with high demand here are in business management, computer programming, software development, engineering, and various types of technical fields. 

Cost of Living

Speaking of jobs, let’s amplify another economic aspect - the cost of living in Georgia. Even a major metropolis like Atlanta is considered affordable. With a low cost of living, Georgia gives you a chance to save money for retirement, invest it in a side business, travel, or explore different things that would usually be out of your reach. 

Affordable Housing

You can get a much better house in Georgia when compared to other states. In Georgia, you’ll find amazing large homes that are affordable to most Americans. You can even find an affordable house with a pool

Diverse Culture

Georgia has been home to many musicians such as Ray Charles, Little Richard, James Brown, REM, Alan Jackson, and others. Even hip-hop has famous representatives in Atlanta, such as Future, Young Jeezy, 2 Chainz, Ludacris, and more. Georgia’s culture nurtures talented people and supports artists in their endeavors. 

Besides a colorful music scene, the arts scene in Georgia is filled with unique museums and galleries. The Woodruff Arts Center, High Museum of Art, and Alliance Theatre are just some of the many amazing places you should visit once you move here. 

A lot of TV shows and movies are also filmed here. In fact, Georgia is a very popular filming location, just after California and New York. You can even hop on a film tour and visit locations where your favorite shows have been filmed. 

Rich History

Georgia has a rich history, too. From Martin Luther King Jr. and his historic speeches to Civil War battlefronts, Georgia cherishes and immortalizes its history in museums, community events, and architecture. Everywhere you look, you’ll catch amazing pieces of Georgia’s history. You can explore the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, and other places to learn more and enhance your knowledge about history. 

Laidback Life 

Although you can enjoy a fast-paced lifestyle in major cities, life in Georgia is generally easy going. It’s very safe, too, so if you’re looking to raise a family in nice suburbs with good schools, Georgia is definitely the state for you.

Why Living in Georgia Is Hot Right Now

Where Are the Best Places to Live in Georgia?

It’s hard to find the best place to live in Georgia because they are all amazing, especially if you ask locals. Everyone will say their town is the best one. We’d like to amplify a couple of counties close to Atlanta that might suit your needs. 

Carroll County, for example, has beautiful nature with unique historic towns. It’s a very quiet county with good schools and welcoming neighbors - great for families. You might feel like a part of one big family. The county is also very close to Atlanta (only an hour away), so you can enjoy the metropolis’ good sides without having to deal with city noise or other urban nuisances. 

You can also settle in Fayette County. Whether you choose Peachtree City, Tyrone, or another town, you’ll be welcomed in the community and experience warm hospitality. This suburban part of the Atlanta area (30 minutes away from Atlanta proper) is especially good for raising kids and enjoying a peaceful slow-paced lifestyle. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll lack things to do. The community is very active and hosts a lot of events throughout the year. 

Coweta County is another notable part of Metro Atlanta that you should consider. It’s a very family-friendly county, with lots of parks and amazing schools. There are also various shopping and outlet centers in close proximity.
Why Living in Georgia Is Hot Right Now

More Information About Life in Georgia

What more can we say about Georgia? Well, first of all, and our personal favorite, there’s the sports spirit of this state! The Peach State nurtures sports-loving culture (and it doesn’t matter what sport it is). The Braves, Falcons, Dream, Blaze, Swarm, and Hawks gather passionate fans to cheer for them and support them on their path to victory. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you should at least go to one game to catch some of this spirit and see what the fuss is about. 

Speaking of the nickname Peach State, let’s amplify how good Georgia’s peaches are. They’re even better than you’ve probably heard! You can enjoy fresh organic fruit during the season at almost all farmers’ markets. There you’ll also find pecans, peanuts, and Vidalia onions - the state’s top products. They all add to the variety of food options you have available in Georgia, from many fast-food chains to the unique southern cuisine.

Georgia also has well-established mental health programs focused on prevention and treatment and targeting adolescents. There are also dozens of community health centers for outpatient treatment, medical research programs, and a widespread volunteer network. This all serves to establish Georgia’s welfare policies aimed at helping people and the community in general. 


We already mentioned amazing mountains and waterfalls, but we should also note that Georgia has beautiful beaches, too. Tybee Island, Savannah, Jekyll Island, and St. Simons are amazing beach destinations you can enjoy in the summer. Even considering Georgia’s mild summers, you should book your beach rental early to ensure you get to enjoy these beautiful, historic places. 

The oldest city in the state is Savannah. Whether you decide to locate near it or far away, you should definitely visit it one day. The Savannah Historic District is one of the largest historic districts in the US. It’s a national landmark that still holds true to the original plans and the 18th- and 19th-century architecture. Waterfronts and parks also add to the city’s beauty, as well as museums, cathedrals, theaters, and other sights. 

Don’t stop at Savannah - Georgia’s other cities are worth exploring. If you pick a home in the Atlanta area suburbs, you can choose to travel across the state every weekend. Besides visiting big cities such as Augusta, Columbus, and Macon, you should also visit Dahlonega, Perry, Helen, and other lovely small towns. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that these reasons confirmed your decision to move to Georgia. If you seek a welcoming, warm place to live in, you definitely won’t regret the decision to relocate to the Peach State. But figuring out the details of the move can get a little tricky; before you pack your things, get in touch with The Tim Stout Team for help with finding the perfect home!

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